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Glass South America announces new 2022 event date

Latin America's biggest event of the glass sector promises even bigger digital business meeting this year

The glass market is still hot, driven by the boom in civil construction, and the main companies of the sector are already getting ready to present their launches at the next edition of Glass South America, to be held from June 29 to July 2, 2022. The decision to change the date was made together with ABRAVIDRO - Brazilian Association of Flat Glass Distributors and Processors, the sector's main entity, and with the exhibitors in search of a safe moment and ideal conditions to hold a high-level event. It was considered the vaccination rhythm and the best buying moment of the attended sectors, besides the expectations of the exhibitors and international visitors.

The announcement of the new date came with another special ingredient. It is that in the second half of this year there will also be a large digital meeting to continue moving the market and so that its participants do not miss any business opportunity. If in 2020, the glass sector was on a growth path, even during the pandemic and with the shortage of materials, now in 2021 the year should close with promising numbers, since the civil construction has resumed its activities at full speed.

Despite all the challenges faced in 2020, the balance was positive, according to a study conducted by ABRAVIDRO. The production of processed glass grew 14.4% and tempered glass grew 17.1%. The turnover of the non-automotive processed segment also grew: 12%, the best rate since 2015. In other words, 2021 and 2022, should follow the same course. That is why the digital events, this year, and in-person, next year, will be held at such opportune times and will become great drivers for achieving even better results.

The novelties have been well regarded by the market. "Postponing Glass South America again was not an easy decision, and much thought was put into moving it to 2022. But we believe this is the best choice for the moment the country is going through. The vaccination rate has been increasing and we hope that the whole population will have been immunized by the end of the year, so that we can have a great edition of the fair in 2022", celebrates José Domingos Seixas, president of ABRAVIDRO.

And the participants of both editions can expect great news, because the event is preparing a series of innovations, experiences, and business opportunities. Besides that, the 14th edition of Glass South America will have more than 200 brands already confirmed, among them big stars from the sector such as Cebrace, Guardian, AGC, Blindex, Vetro Máquinas, Keraglass, Glaston, Abrasipa, Agmaq, Diamanfer, Kuraray, Eastman, Baveloni, Ideia Glass, Tec-Vidro, Potencia, Gusmão, Glass Peças, Arbax, Real Vidros, among others.

"Our goal is to keep the glass industry warm and connect buyers and sellers. The digital meeting will be very important because it is a warm-up for everything that will be presented in person the following year. We will hold two events focused on business, but in a dynamic, engaged and totally customized way for the moment in which we live," comments Alexandre Brown, head of product at NürnbergMesse Brasil.

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